Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genuine Security...

The way we think determines how we act in this life...

God's View of You...
  1. I am acceptable! Psalm 27:10
  2. I am valuable! [self worth, not net worth]
  3. I am lovable!
  4. I am forgivable!
  5. I am capable! Philippians 4:13
Genuine security is based on something that cannot be taken away!

Rom 15:7   / Ps  27:10

Your feelings about yourself will be based on the opinion of the most prominent person in your life -
If you're a believer it is not your parents, spouse or friends.

1 John 4:4   / 1 Cor 3:3
The owner brings value to something.  Who owns you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You will show me the path in life; In your presence is fullness of joy; At your right hand are pleasures forevermore.  - Psalm 16:11

Hebrews 3:16  and  4:11-12  Who labored?

God is the provider, He will make a way.

Why is this happening?  Find the answer in God's word...

This is happening so you can be strengthened and enter into rest!

What is the rest?

A place of confidence - a place where I can rest in the Lord.  The rest of faith!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Message from Jude today...

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.  - Jude 1:2

Blessed today by somone just doing her job.  I really needed that - thank you!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I want to share a poem I wrote years ago.  We all need to hear words of encouragement; marriages are no different.  My marital forecast today seemed to follow the weather forecast in... (smile)  What about yours?

Marital Forecast

Some days are bright and sunny;
Tender kisses and "I love you Honey's".
Other days are overcast;
Your moods aren't great - but they won't last.

Some days are cloudy, but fair;
Nothing is perfect, but you both care.
There are days that are snowy and cold;
When being together gets kind of old.

On some days it's rainy and wet;
What ever you do makes each other upset.
At times there will be very stormy weather.
When you have to pray that you will stay together.

What ever may come - what ever may be,
You will survive with LOVE.  I think you'll agree.
There is a reason for everything, and we all know...
It takes both the sun  and the rain to make a

By:  Tessa Lea

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dedicated to my Aunt Mary Strain    (In Loving Memory of Uncle Mike)
The wind whispered your name in my ear today;
The rain cried the tears you cried.
The sun came out and shed a golden light in memory;
A sparrow flew by and sang a song of joy just for you.
Then a rainbow followed with joyous colors,
Bright and beautiful – like you;
A reminder… a promise…
You are loved.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We All Have Days Like This...

Kicking her high heels off and quickly throwing her sweater on the couch as she entered the door Marissa ran to the bathroom to relieve herself as she had been holding it for her forty-five minute commute home.  "Why do I do this to myself?" she asked herself in relief.  Just fifteen minutes to herself before the kids will be running through the door... clean out school bags... homework...reports of day... and her husband Bret will be walking in wondering what's for dinner... oh yes, dinner - she better get started. 

The silence, the solitude, the quiet presence of only she and her God - those fifteen minutes of relaxation embraced her like a long lost friend.  Just a five minute rest she thought to herself as she lay on the bed slowly working her way out of the skirt and spanx that managed to hold her together today.   Why was she so exhausted? she wondered as it was only Tuesday and she had a relatively uneventful weekend.  Although uneventful to her would be exhausting for others - to say the least.  Two of her children had swim lessons, one had gymnastics, laundry, house work, homework, and she prepared a meal for an ill elderly couple after church on Sunday.  Not to mention the fact that she and Bret were scheduled for a date night they had to cancel due to an unexpected meeting with the boss on Saturday.  Ugh!  Just five minutes... quiet... peacefulness... rest... she was sound asleep.  Oh it was so good, a peaceful, sound sleep.. even if it was for only five minutes.  Until...

"Mom, Jessy hit me!" the door slammed...  "She hit me first!".. "Did not."... "Yes you did you liar!"...  Startled by the slamming door Marissa jumped to her feet; Emily and Jessy were at it again she thought in frustration. "Stop!!!" she screamed.  "Mommy, I got a 'Magnificent Memo' from my teacher today!" Ashley jolted in her room waving her florescent colored note.  "Oh, that's wonderful Ash, let me see."  Marissa glanced at the note with a smile giving Ashley a big hug.  Tightening the string on her sweats and pulling her t-shirt down, slipping on her slippers as she headed to the kitchen she ran into Bret in the hallway.  "I didn't smell the meatloaf when I came in; didn't you say that's what we are having for dinner?"  The dagger ed look from Marissa told Bret not to go any further, he had already gone too far.  He couldn't resist, 'well excuse me" he muttered in sarcasm as they passed each other in the hallway like flying arrows to an unknown target.

Marissa thrust at the buttons on the oven to preheat, she accidentally pressed the clock and alarm settings she had to take the time to reset them minute-by-minute.  She opened the refrigerator to grab the meatloaf and knocked over the cup of juice that Bret told Ashley to put in there after breakfast.  She reached for a paper towel only to find the cardboard tube awaiting refill.  She grabbed the dish towel only to realize that Jessy used it to stop his bloody nose before he headed out to the school bus that morning and threw it on the counter.  Ugh!  Definitely one of those "Calgone take me away" days.

Do you ever have days like that?    See Matthew 11:28-30. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Genuine Day...

Have you ever picked up a book and started reading it only to find yourself so caught up in it and thinking to yourself 'wow it was really meant for me to find this'?  That happened to me today - well, it has happened to me many times in the past when I've read the Bible, but today it was different; a different book, and a word, and they both lead me back to the Bible.

The word is genuine, why it came to mind I really don't know; it just seemed to etch it's way in there to the point I began to wonder myself what exactly was it that is so important about that word today?  I looked it up in the dictionary and the definition I found most appropriate for my thoughts is:  free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere - at that point I began to laugh to myself.   There have been many times throughout my childhood and adult life that I have heard people make comments about Christians being two-faced or hypocrites.  I remember one of my favorite Pastors speaking about a time when he went for a house visit for someone that was ill and a visiting family member had told him that he didn't like to go to church because he felt Christians are just a bunch of hypocrites.  The Pastor replied with a smile "Well, what better place for them to be then at church?"  He was a wise man.   After my thoughts today and my purposeful encounter with a word etched in my brain I've come to the conclusion that we are ALL genuinely imperfect human beings with a selfish nature.  When someone judges another persons character because they are an 'imperfect christian' what does it say about them?

The book I picked up today is "The Man In The Mirror" (  I bought it several years ago as a gift for my husband (at that time he was my boyfriend) as I began to read through the pages of underlined text and notes it led me to reference my Bible and started me on a journey... some great words of wisdom... reminders... a purpose.  Just a few verses I was lead to:  Psalm 32:8-9 and Proverbs 3:5-6. 

Come along with me...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome SPRING! Please Join Me On My New Writing Journey...

I have spent a few days revisiting some of my favorite poems.  One of my all time favorite poets is a young man named Mattie J.T. Stepanek.  He was so young but embodied wisdom far beyond  his years.  If you haven't heard of him here is a link:    If you haven't read any of his books I would encourage you to do so.  He was blessed with a true gift.  One of the reasons I love Mattie so much is because in spite of all his struggles with muscular dystrophy he saw the good in things, worked for peace and spread his love with his spirit.  He went to heaven in 2004 but his memory and his works will live on forever.

As I start my new writing journey this first day of spring 2011, I am inspired by Mattie's works.  He had the innocence, sweet spirit, open mind, open heart, love, joy, peace, patience and a steadfast faith in the God that made him such a gift to our world. 

I believe that God brings people into our lives to share the fellowship, friendship and faith.  Take a few minutes today to think of some of your dearest friends (can be family) that you have been blessed to know.  How long has it been since you've told them how much they mean to you?  Do they know how they have inspired your life? Do you know where they are today?  I encourage you to take a few minutes and call them or send them a little note.  I guarantee you it will add a little sunshine to their day.

Have a great day.  Happy Spring!!!