Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Days, Special Ways, Give a GIFT of LOVE...

Yesterday, December 15, 2010 my Grandpa Bud was born 87 years ago.  His birthday will always be a special time to remember what a blessing he was and continues to be in my life.  The week before Christmas holiday tends to be a hectic, chaotic race for the finish line if we succumb to the commercialized, materialistic society of today.  Yesterday (Grandpa's Birthday), was a special day, not only for the fact that it reminded me of my Grandpa; but it reminded me of the fact that it doesn't take an expensive gift to leave a life-long impression on someone.  As I thought back on our past family gatherings and the gifts we received, honestly, it's sad to say but I don't remember many of the gifts I received through the years.  But I do remember how my Grandpa had a way of making everyone feel special; how something as simple as pulling a piece of candy out of his pocket or a dollar bill out of his wallet and handing it to one of his grandkids would light up a room brighter than any Christmas tree.  He worked hard for his family and loved the family gatherings.  I miss him a lot but I cherish so many wonderful memories; he gave me a true gift of love and I received it with an open heart.

This week as you rush towards the finish line to the Christmas holiday please take a few moments and remember someone special, think of a special way of honoring them and letting them know how special they are and why.  I guarantee you that will be a gift remembered!

[In my “TREASURES” (to the left) there is a poem I shared in memory of Grandpa Bud at his service in November 2009]

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful...

Our first grade son had a computer project last week where he had to type what he is thankful for and printed it off to bring home.  His computer illustrated turkey framed print says… “Food, God, Mom & Dad, and Dog”.   Simple and to the point.  I want to learn from that simplicity and innocence. 

As I worked on my writing today I made a long list of the things I am thankful for (free writing), a typical assignment for this time of year.   Then I tried to simplify and narrow it down to four things – that was difficult.  It is so true how an attitude of gratitude will lift your spirits and add a ray of sunshine where you didn’t think there could be, and when you fill your heart (or mind) with gratitude there’s no room for despair.

I’m so thankful I have a little boy that’s thankful!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Great Place to Start...

This weekend I took part in a hands-on writing workshop through the "Oregon Poetic Voices" program, sponsored by Lewis and Clark College and the Institute of Museum and Library Technology, and the Jefferson County Library.  The two instructors were Joanne Mulcahy and Jarold Ramsey; they were fabulous!  I quickly found myself connecting to the instructors as well as the other attendees.  There were some really wonderful people attending, with a range of writing experience.

I have to say to all of you aspiring writers, take advantage of the opportunities in your community to connect with other writers.  I thankfully was encouraged by my persistent Soul-Sista to join our local Writers Guild.  When I went to the first meeting I was expecting to feel intimidated by a room full of published authors.  What I found was a wonderful encouraging group of writers of every level and genre.

I have created this blog in hopes to encourage you as I become more connected to the writing community and disciplined in my passion as a writer.  I'd appreciate your referrals; recommendations and even writing prompts to add to my daily journal.  I hope you will follow me on this wonderful piece of modern technology that allows me to connect with writers all over the world.   - Thank You!