In Loving Memory of Diane McIlwain...

My Mother-In-Law was a wonderful cook.  Thanksgiving & Christmas were special times of year for her as she loved to gather around the table with friends and family for a wonderful feast.    Over the Holidays one year I wrote this poem in her memory and sent it in my Christmas cards with one of her recipes on the back.  That year I received so many comments from people saying they LOVE the recipe, and  how it was a special way to honor her memory.  I want to share both with you…
In Loving Memory of Diane McIlwain
December 8, 1942 - December 22, 2004
This holiday we miss your presence,
Your warm laughter, loving heart and cheer;
But we cherish the wonderful memories,
And to each one we hold dear.
In the simple little things, like using your recipes;
Building a snowman, and decorating the family tree –
We celebrate and remember your life,
And hope that you can see…
Your love still surrounds us; your caring heart and
Infectious spirit, inspire and encourage us;
And your faith and belief in the Jesus that we are now
Celebrating his birth – continue to give us hope and a
Foundation as we live our lives here on earth.
We love you and miss you.  We honor your life this
Holiday, as you celebrate above – we’ll think of you as the
Special angel on our tree, as it lights our home with love.

With Love, by: 
 Daughter-in-law Tessa