Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Days, Special Ways, Give a GIFT of LOVE...

Yesterday, December 15, 2010 my Grandpa Bud was born 87 years ago.  His birthday will always be a special time to remember what a blessing he was and continues to be in my life.  The week before Christmas holiday tends to be a hectic, chaotic race for the finish line if we succumb to the commercialized, materialistic society of today.  Yesterday (Grandpa's Birthday), was a special day, not only for the fact that it reminded me of my Grandpa; but it reminded me of the fact that it doesn't take an expensive gift to leave a life-long impression on someone.  As I thought back on our past family gatherings and the gifts we received, honestly, it's sad to say but I don't remember many of the gifts I received through the years.  But I do remember how my Grandpa had a way of making everyone feel special; how something as simple as pulling a piece of candy out of his pocket or a dollar bill out of his wallet and handing it to one of his grandkids would light up a room brighter than any Christmas tree.  He worked hard for his family and loved the family gatherings.  I miss him a lot but I cherish so many wonderful memories; he gave me a true gift of love and I received it with an open heart.

This week as you rush towards the finish line to the Christmas holiday please take a few moments and remember someone special, think of a special way of honoring them and letting them know how special they are and why.  I guarantee you that will be a gift remembered!

[In my “TREASURES” (to the left) there is a poem I shared in memory of Grandpa Bud at his service in November 2009]