Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello Blog Readers!  I appreciate your comments (below) and I apologize if the comment process prompts you for data (email address, registration, etc.); I hope you will take the time and share your comments.  Please keep in mind my blog is a space I use to share my thoughts; inspirations; memories; and words of wisdom.  When I write on my blog I write...  I write without concern of spelling, grammar... I write to share my heart... I write from writers prompts... studies... personal thoughts... I hope as you follow my blog you will use consideration in your comments and keep it 'family friendly' and encouraging.  Thank you!

When you are young you are like a piece of white paper... clean, crisp, innocent, bright, beautiful, welcoming - that first introduction to life... pencil, paint, chalk, ink, the lessons... illustrated with boldness, taking shape, that masterpiece!  Perceptions will always skew the real work, the deepest secrets, the lessons learned (and those not learned); what people know and what they think they know... it's all there as that paper gets it's markings - but it's that paper, the creative work; inspired & inspiring, the challenge, the author gave the desire, the will.  Shall you always remain the white paper?  Only if you cease to live.  As you live, the paper is filled with stories; paintings; tear stains; coffee stains; folds from hiding; colors; or empty spaces.  The author, the life, the work, that awe inspiring masterpiece - it's up to you!  Please share your story - people need to hear.